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Corporate investigations

It is corporate investigations which perhaps call for most specialized services. Each of its functional areas may be subject to the consequences of fraud or disloyalty, with unpredictable economic results. In this field, HAS offers a wide range of services directed specially at detecting these situations.

· Employee screening for pre-admission or internal promotion reports.
· Worker fraud.
· Internal information services.
· Problems of trust.

· Control of sales representative team activity.
· Disloyalty in distributor network.
· Duplicity of representation.
· Channelling sales through shareholding companies.
· Commercial espionage.

Patent rights and Competition Laws:
· Falsification of brands.
· Violation of patents.
· Copying production processes.
· Industrial espionage.
· Violations of the regulations on free competition.
· Presumed disloyal competition.
· Violations in the field of advertising.

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