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Litigation Support

What has recently come to be called Litigation Support is a series of back-up services in legal disputes.

Growing legal involvement is a constant in the business world today: 90% of the conflicts in which companies are involved bend up in court, with all the costs that implies. To guarantee that legal action is brought safely to port, GRUPO HAS provides a dual service: firstly, it obtains the necessary information to allow the company and its lawyer to decide on the viability of a given suit. Once the client has decided on a course of legal action, HAS supplies the information and evidence necessary for a positive outcome. GRUPO HAS is specialized in knowing what evidence is required to support a fact, and where to find it.

Specific examples in this field are:

· Location of defendants.
· Location and valuing of goods.
· Location and assessment of witnesses and evidence.
· Investigation into company affairs and elements which lead to the application of the   "piercing the corporate veil" doctrine.
· Investigation into fraudulent bankruptcy.
· Investigation in the field of urban leasing.
. Process serve.

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