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Insurance companies

The constant increase in insurance fraud has become a reality in recent years. Simulated claims, arson and allegation of non-existent after-effects, to mention just a few examples, are attempts to obtain undue sums from insurance companies. HAS is aware that fraud is a difficult component to identify, and has developed a special methodology for insurance companies, offering initial check-up services in the case of claims to detect possible fraudulence. If an investigation brings out elements which point to the existence of fraud, HAS also provides comprehensive investigation services in the field of insurance, producing ample evidence to rule out undue claims with all the guarantees that are required.

Among other services, GRUPO HAS provides:

· Risk assessment.
· Circumstances of accidents.
· Fires.
· Robbery.
· Transport.
· Simulated claims.
· After-effects in accident victims.
· Localization of stolen goods.

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