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Corporate Security

The complexity of the contemporary business world has created a new concept of security. As opposed to stereotyped content that understood security as operative measures, the prevailing understanding of today sees it as a discipline meant to prevent so-called extraordinary losses. Product defect liability, fines for environmental accidents, sanctions for the negligence of personnel in carrying out security measures at work, production stoppages caused by incidents in suppliers or acts of sabotage, all are, among others, examples that can weigh down the operating accounts of any company beyond any budget forecasts or logic. Along with this, the new rules regarding competition have changed the concept of competitiveness: it is no longer enough to be innovative and productive; in addition, companies must prevent aggressive actions by competitors, in the market and in their own organisations.

Corporate Security and Business Intelligence is focused on all these issues. In summary, to prevent extraordinary losses derived from events that exceed traditional company operations, through a concept created and standardised in the United States: Loss Prevention.

Some services that GRUPO HAS offers in this area:

· Risk identification, analysis and evaluation.
· Drafting corporate security plans.
· Designing crisis plans.
· Business Intelligence Support.
· Security auditing.
· Detection of fraudulent use of brands on the Internet.
· External auditing of computer network security.

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