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Professional Team

A group of experts professionals comprises the staff of GRUPO HAS. Working under the coordination of Hugo Albert Sanmartín, president of Grupo HAS, S.A. and lecturer in Private Investigation at the University of Barcelona, is a staff skilled in private investigation and criminology, lawyers, economists, psychologists and electronics technicians. Their academic qualifications and first-class professional experience (over 9.000 cases dealt with) provide a real guarantee of success.

In addition to its staff, GRUPO HAS has collaboration agreements with the most prestigious experts in investigation-related fields. Auditors, handwriting specialists, experts in identifying anonymous letter-writers and forensic technicians all contribute their ample experience in solving cases to GRUPO HAS and provide reports with all the elements of evidence or confirmation produced by the objectiveness and impartiality which their independent work requires.

GRUPO HAS also has agreements with agencies abroad, thereby guaranteeing its clients the comprehensive resolution of cases involving international aspects.

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