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Hugo A. Sanmartin (1939)

Private detective.


Certified in Upper Management in Finances (EAE).

Criminologist (Univ. Complutense de Madrid). Expert in economic offences and community frauds. Professor of Private Investigation Technique and Practice at the Universidad de Barcelona - Law Faculty - Institute of Criminology (1982 - 2001).

Founding member of the Catalan-Balearics Association of Private Detectives - Intercommunity of Detectives (ACBDP), where he held the posts of treasurer, secretary (1978-1996), president (1996 - 2000) and president emeritus since October 2001.

Director of the ACBDP Training Centre (1993 - 1999).

Founder of the Association of Private Detectives of Catalonia (1999).

Speaker at numerous conferences for fighting against community fraud, in Brussels before EU functionaries, in Madrid for the Civil Guard and for functionaries of the Customs Surveillance Service (1994 - 1996).

Mention of Professional Merit by the Directorate General of Police (2005).

Honourable Member of the Professional Association of Spanish Private Detectives, awarded the Gold Insignia (2006).

Member of the Association of Private Detectives of Catalonia, of the World Association of Detectives (WAD) and the Association of Criminology and Investigation Graduates and Professionals (ADPCI) awarded the Professional Merit Medal (2004). President of the HAS Private Foundation for the execution of Private Investigation.
David A. Sanmartin (1966)

Private detective.


Master's in Private Security Management (Universidad de Barcelona).

Master's in Criminology and Forensic Sciences (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona).

Specialist in Competition Law and Civil Evidence (Honourable Association of Attorneys of Barcelona).

Member of the Legal Affairs Commission of ACBDP (1996-2000).

Collaborator in the Government Board of the APDPE and member of the Legal Affairs Commission.

International delegate for Spain with APDPE. Founder of the National Association of Criminologists and Forensic Experts.

Member and speaker of the Patent Study Group of the Patent Centre at the Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona.

Collaborator and lecturer in private investigation studies at the Universidades de Barcelona, Alicante and Salamanca.

Member of: APDPE, Association of Private Detectives of Catalonia, Association of Private Detectives of the Community of Valencia, Barcelona Association of Attorneys, Council of International Investigators (CII), World Association of Detectives (WAD), World Investigators Network (WIN) and the National Association of Criminologists and Forensic Experts.

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