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Private investigation has become increasingly important to the world of business in recent years. Far from the clichés which surround it, the work of private investigation has become a major support for the management of each of its areas: the absence of correct, precise information can lead to the wrong decisions being taken, and the subsequent cost to the company is only too well known.

GRUPO HAS has been providing companies with solutions for over two decades now. Its substantial human and technical structure, in addition to its reliability and professional rigour, make it the most complete investigation agency, operating all over Europe and with collaboration agreements with agencies abroad.

GRUPO HAS provides a back-up service for lawyers and companies, acting as a regular collaborator. In addition to carrying out investigation into a specific event, it contributes the right information and evidence to successfully deal with litigation. In these cases, GRUPO HAS also investigates to provide the company and lawyer with foundations on which to judge the appropriateness of taking legal action.

The investigation, professional advice and evidence with which GRUPO HAS provides its clients go to make up a comprehensive professional service to combat fraud in all its forms, whether by means of prevention or resolution.

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