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Working method

Excellent professionals and the best in technology combine in a method based on two premises: prior planning and constant updating for the client on the state of the investigation.

The basic structure of the work of HAS follows this scheme:

. The client explains the case to GRUPO HAS .
. GRUPO HAS draws up a study, action plan and estimate which are submitted for client   approval (absolutely free of charge).
. Once the tender is accepted, the ideal professionals are appointed according to the area   of investigation.
. Once the investigation is complete, a report is drawn up, accompanied by the evidence   needed to corroborate the statement.
. Together with the client, meetings are organized with the presence of the lawyer to plan   legal or other action, complementary investigation is carried out along with any other   activity considered relevant.
. If appropriate, GRUPO HAS will appear in court to ratify the report and answer any   questions put.

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