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The result

Today, GRUPO HAS is the foremost, best-prepared investigation agency in Europe. All this is the result of the optimum use of its resources: great professionals and the best in technology, combined in a serious, comprehensive working system, which is a precedent for many of the sector's companies today.

This means that the clients of GRUPO HAS know that they can trust to fast, satisfactory results to their investigations.

Several facts serve as an example of our efficiency:

· Over 9.000 cases dealt with, ample experience which speaks for itself.
· The reliability and prestige of GRUPO HAS in the eyes of the courts.
· GRUPO HAS is a regular collaborator with the main public and private   companies, as well as leading legal offices.

Such is the prestige which GRUPO HAS enjoys that its image is its main asset, a calling card of renowned reliability.

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