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State-of-the-art technology

The most efficient private investigators are those with the best technological infrastructure, which is why HAS invests a great deal of its resources in this department. To a large extent, this is how evidence is successfully obtained to help the client support the facts discovered.

Discreet recording of all investigations, electronic control of telephone lines and homes, high resolution video recordings in minimum light conditions, digitalization, enlargement and reproduction on paper of video images as an annexe to reports, access to computerized information from previous investigations and the capacity to link up to the most reliable world-wide data bases, among other faculties, are activities which are only available to the highest level of technological infrastructure, which GRUPO HAS enjoys.

The availability of high technology is complemented by systematic study and analysis of current jurisprudence, as a means to obtain recognition by Courts and Tribunals of the validity and source of evidence obtained. In this respect, GRUPO HAS were responsible for a landmark achievement, with their pioneering introduction of recording tapes (in 1975 in Spain), typewriting, computer supports and video recordings as valid and relevant means of evidence in the lawsuits in question.

Constant innovation and the use of foremost technical media is a distinctive features of GRUPO HAS .

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