Quality information that provides peace of mind

In today’s competitive global marketplace, companies and investors often ask themselves difficult questions to answer. Will a candidate be a good signing for the company? Do all employees and managers act honestly?Is the pre-existing evidence sufficient to litigate? Are providers and strategic partners really what they seem to be? Is the competition playing fair?

Grupo HAS specialty is to provide our clients with truthful, sufficient and verified information to answer these questions, clarify doubts and make better decisions. In short, we supply the intelligence information that companies need in uncertain situations.

In addition, we always carry out our activities with great discretion and in strict compliance with current regulations, for your greater peace of mind.

What can we do for you?

  • Research and verification of strategic partners and investors
  • Assessment of markets or countries
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Investigation of risks and threats
  • Investigation of counterparties in contracts or legal proceedings
  • Confidence problems with associates, managers and collaborators


Do you want to raise a case, a doubt, a suspicion? All consultations are free, confidential and without obligation