Legal notice

Regulated Activity

Legal information

The information and evidence collection services are legally classified as Private Investigation services. This activity is regulated under Law 5/2014, of April 4, reserved for authorized Private Investigation firms and protected with professional secrecy (art. 5.2 and 48).

Authorization data

GRUPO HAS S.A. | Balmes, 200, 6th floor | 08006 Barcelona | Spain | NIF: ES-A08442667 | Responsible authority: Ministry of the Interior | Registration number (RNSP): 10.008 |

Collegiate profession

Private Investigation activities require, in the territories of Catalonia, Valencia and Galicia, to be members of a Professional Council. Our investigators are members of the Official Councils of Private Investigators of Catalonia and are empowered to carry out their functions throughout Spain.

Furthermore, we are members, individually or as an organization, of:

All these organizations have their respective deontological codes, published on their web pages.