Go to court proceedings with all the guaranteess

Going to court always comes at a cost: money, time and reputation. If your Company has been sued or it is considering sue, having enough information to guarantee the most favourable outcome is essential.

At GRUPO HAS, we are experts in providing litigation support. We put at your company’s or law firm’s disposal the experience, resources and sources of our private investigators, to help you defend your interests or those of your clients when they go to court.

Our participation can be punctual, in simple cases, or continued in complex cases which require a comprehensive investigation to find the necessary documents, collect evidence and identify the appropriate witnesses. All in order to guarantee the protection of the good image of your business or person.

What can we do for you?

  • Obtaining information and evidence for law suits
  • Opponents’ investigation
  • Identification and location of witnesses
  • Witness and evidences’ evaluation
  • Assets’ location
  • Digital investigation and forensic informatics
  • eDiscovery


Do you want to raise a case, a doubt, a suspicion? All consultations are free, confidential and without obligation